2 Hobby Boxes of Panini’s 2011-12 Hoops Basketball

I thought I’d share the results of a break I recently did of 2 hobby boxes of Panini’s 2011-12 Hoops Basketball.  We have the stated odds and we have the actual cards pulled.  Let’s see how they compare …

Base Set:                            100% (278 out of 278)

2nd Base Set:                     89% of a second set (247 of 278)

Base Set Parallels:             3 Sticker Auto’s (3 out of 179)




Base Set Parallels:                     2 Artist’s Proof


Champions:  #279 (Chase Card)       0%

Kobe Black Mamba:                           0%

Blake Superior:                                  0%

Hoops Action Photos Subset:                                   32%    (8 out of 25)


Hoops Dream Subset:                                                               67% (6 out of 9)


Slam Dunk Winners Subset:                                  33%  (5 out of 15)  The card states, “Slam Dunk Champion”, but subset is called “Slam Dunk Winners”!?!?


Hall of Fame Heroes Subset:                                    35%  (7 out of 20)


Hoops Courtside Subset:                                           27%  (4 out of 15)


A Night to Remember Subset:                                 30%  (6 out of 20)


Buyback Autographs Subset:                                    0%  (0 out of 4)

Private Signings Subset:                                            25%  (1 out of 4)


Overall, for the price point, this is a good offering out of Panini.  As of 3/12/12, blowoutcards.com and dacardworld.com both have these hobby boxes listed at $68.00 per box.  I knowingly paid a little more, $77.50 per box at my local card shop (gotta support the LCS when I can).  I don’t love all the white space on the base cards and as usual, not a huge fan of sticker auto’s.  BUT … again … for the price point, I think this is a pretty good product.  Hope you enjoy!!!!