Smashing Collection Idea

Sometimes putting some spice into our player collections can be an interesting twist.  For example, I collect P.K. Subban.

P.K. Subban

I was sorting through some 2011-12 Upper Deck Series 1 Cards from a box break, and I noticed this card …

P.K. getting pounded

Marc Staal pounding Subban!  Kind of cool … let’s see if there are more.  Another player I collect is Jeff Skinner of the Carolina Hurricanes.

Jeff Skinner

Now I’m paying attention to the pictures on all the cards I was sorting … and what do you know, I came across this …

Skinner getting smashed!

Braydon Coburn absolutely smashing Skinner!  You have to love that!

Star players get ton’s of attention from fans, media, and us.  They make a lot of money and get lot’s of glory.  But they earn it!  They are not always making big plays and scoring goals.  They work at it … and sometimes the camera catches them making a mistake.  I like that … its real.  No poses, no glory shots … it’s what they do, in the raw.

It’s not Subban’s or Skinner’s “card”, but they are on it.  And for me … it’s real and it provides a unique piece of the story about what these guys do day-in and day-out!  I’ll be adding these into my player collection and keeping a look out for more!