Life Ranting: First Home Ice Sheet .. DONE!

Somewhere in the last month or so, my wife decided that we should build a home ice rink.  For all you youngsters out there … this translated into man-speak means: You build a hockey rink.  We are a hockey family.  From the months of November thru March, we live at the hockey rink.  We have an 11 year old (pee-wee) and a 5 year old (mite) playing.  They love it … we love it!

As luck would have it, we are experiencing one of the warmest winters on record … global warming???  No chance Gore baby … I’m driving the diesel till I die!  This carbon footprint is a WAFFLE-STOMP!  But I digress…

It has actually been kind of fun putting this thing together.  Had some great opportunities for, “notes to self” for next year: the slope of the ground is something that should be considered before hand, blue tarp retains a little bit of heat, wood can get expensive, by a lot more nails than you think you need.

I’ll throw a couple pictures up when I get home from this weekend’s …. HOCKEY TOURNAMENT!