Huge Hit – 2011 Allen & Ginter Blaster Box!

I do not find myself writing about Blaster Box hits very often, but an unusual hit deserves an unusual treatment. I was with my kids the other day taking a look at Target’s cardboard offerings and thought I’d pick up a couple of 2011 Allen & Ginter Blaster Boxes.  This is what I pulled …



Blaster Box Hit


This is a 1 of 1 2011 Allen & Ginter Relic card containing an actual piece of hair from one of the greatest military leaders in history and Emperor of France from 1804 to 1815.  He is best known for creating the Napoleonic Code, which has been a major influence on many civil law jurisdictions worldwide, but he is best remembered for his role in the wars led against France by a series of coalitions, the so-called Nepoleonic Wars.  He established hegemony over most of continental Europe and sought to spread the ideals of the French Revolution, while consolidating an imperial monarchy which restored aspects of the deposed ancient regime.  Due to his success in these wars, often against numerically superior enemies, he is generally regarded as one of the greatest military commanders of all time.

I have caught a case of “Bat SH*T Crazy” over this set.  This hit is not going to help with that AT ALL!  Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the hits coming out of these Blaster Boxes.  I normally try my hardest to stay away from Blasters of any sport.  I have changed my tactics with the 2011 Allen & Ginter though.  Blaster on!  


3 responses to “Huge Hit – 2011 Allen & Ginter Blaster Box!

  1. That may be the greatest pull I’ve seen from a blaster, ever. Almost makes me want to run to Target and buy them out! Congrats! Or as Napoleon would say “Félicitations” (at least according to Google Translate they would)

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